The Broken Heart Fair

Event Date: February

Est. 2012, The Broken Heart Fair celebrates love in all its shapes! Do you hate V Day because nobody buys you chocolate? Can’t you wait for February 14th to spend it with your significant other? Do you despise this commercial tradition because you feel lonely or just because all the candy is more expensive? For you every day is V’Day?


  • At least one item must be marked 10L and will have a special label
  • New items are not required
  • Everything must be THEMED
  • Gachas are not allowed. You can have other kinds of AUTHORIZED machines (such as Miepon, or other similar ones that allow customers to see the item they are paying for). Max 2 machines per booth.
  • No multivendors, No hovertext
  • No Copyright or TOS Issues
  • No mesh models that are available online for download from a 3D website may be sold in the event
  • TEMPLATES are allowed but we encourage you to use your own texture work so that we’ll never see exactly the same item for sale by more than a merchant.
  • Please, respect sim decoration. Organizers might ask you to remove excessive decor or heavy scripts that might affect sim performance/apparency.
  • If you don’t respect the deadline you will be replaced. Fees are not refundable. We understand stuff happens and we sympathize but still please do not ask.


  • Reservations: Until Sold out
  • Fee Payment: Upon reservation
  • Set Up: (Noon)
  • Event: (Noon)

Fee to Join

  • Fee: 750L
  • You get 30 prims

How to Apply

Please, fill the form if you would like to join the event! We will contact you if the store is approved! Thanks!

Expression of Interest to Join the Event!

Please note that if you are already a SynergyLab Merchant, you do not need fill the “Expression of Interest”. Just go to the Office and apply for the event.


Contact Titania Halasy or Lulu (Luluts Resident) inworld for further info.